Export DAZ Studio 4.10 G3F + Morphs as Shapekeys to Blender 2.79

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[Export DAZ Studio 4.10 G3F + Morphs as Shapekeys to Blender 2.79] Does anyone know how to do this? 

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  • I believe you should be able to do this with FBX, though it's not something I have tried - you would need to do quite a bit of work in the FBX Export dialogue, particularly on the rules to include your morphs (and you might want to be selective about what you included). However, as far as I know FBX doesn't keep links between morphs and other properties - which are used quite extensively, toa pply morphs as joints are bent or to make corrections to things like expressions in repsonse to other shapes.

    Collada may also be worth trying.

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    Exporting as FBX works, if the geometry is merged to the main genesis figure. Sometimes you will get very weird results, so you have to follow this method, it could take a few hours depending on how much morphs you want to export (it took me 30 minutes to export 20 - 30 morphs).

    You are going to need Blender 2.78c installed (I haven't used another version), read the documentation how to set it up and export from Daz to Blender (only the 1-5 chapters) - http://diffeomorphic.blogspot.bg/p/daz-importer-version-12.html

    After you are done you should know how to export the basic daz file (by saving the scene and then exporting the json file in the same folder where the scene was saved). You export the object + the .json file in a "rest" state and import that into blender. Now you go back to Daz and select one morph you want to use for your animations, for example "bend" and set the value to 100%, export the object in another folder and import that in Blender (where you had the same object in rest state), you are going to have 2 objects in the scene, select the mesh of the one where its using the morphs, hold down shift and select the mesh of the second one, then you have to find the Shapekeys menu and click the little arrow then Join as Shapes, now you delete the morphed object and rename the new shape, if you drag the value from 0 - 1, you will see it actually blending between the two morphs. Repeat that for every morph you want.

    If you have a morph that has a negative value like -100 and goes up to +100, I'd split that into 2 different morphs. -100 <-> 0 (left) and 0 <-> +100.

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