Getting Props to Follow Body Parts - Like a Beverage or a Gun In A Character's Hand

Let's say, for example, that I pose a cigarrette or a lollipop into the hand of a G8 figure. Then I change the overall pose of the figure.

Is there a way to get the cigarette, lollipop, maybe a beverage...a gun....anything the character might stay in the hand of the person without having to re-position the prop?


  • MarcCCTxMarcCCTx Posts: 636

    Basically, you parent the prop to the body part you want it to follow in the case of a weapon that would be the hand. Then position the fingers to "hold" the object. Unfortunately some poses change the finger positions. So it may require some touch up.

  • That's very helpful...I just tried it. At least it keeps the prop very near where I need it to be so I don't have to go hunting it down and then trying to get it into the scene.


  • OstadanOstadan Posts: 898

    If you pose the hand for the weapon in a way you like, you can (and probably should) save it as a partial pose for later use.

  • Thanks, Ostadan, I didn't know that was possible. I appreciate it!

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