objects not appearing in viewport

I have imported objects in .obj and .dae. None of them appear in the viewport. I am not a newb to 3D software. If I import an object in any other software it appears.


  • If you press ctrl(Win)/cmd(Mac) F to frame the content, or use the [ ] icon at top-right of the viewport, does that show anything?

  • There have been a few people with this problem recently. Look at the top edge of the Viewport; does it look like D|S is actually showing you your (empty) Render Library instead?

  • Are those objects in the scene tab? That's what happens to me often when importing some .obj - it isn't visible in the viewport, but it is listed in the scene tab. Then it's usually either the scale that is set too small or opacity set to zero which keeps it from showing in the viewport.

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