How to fix poor Mesh Welds.

At least that's what I think the issue is... 

So with some old V4 clothes, if I turn on mesh smoothing I get holes opening up in the clothes, and it looks like its happening along some unwelded seams.

As there any easy way to fix that?  I thought maybe hexagon, but I'm not sure how this is done.

720 x 480 - 371K


  • If you weld the vertices (assuming they line up to weld, which is not guaranteed) you wil break the morphs (which rely on vertex count and order). I'm not sure what you could do, other than welding and rebuilding the morphs.

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    I'm not sure I care about the morphs, since this is V4 based, and many morphs were really just fits.

    So where and how do I weld the mesh?  Are there concerns with UV maps?

  • Blender will let you weld vertices without destroying the UV mapping. You can weld vertices with Hexagon but the UV mapping will at the very least be disrupted.

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    Yes I can also recommend using Blender for that. But also Blender can get some problems with the UV mapping - especialy if the welded vertex points are also located at an UV island seam. Try "Seams From Islands" first in the UV/Image editor - to let Blender detect where the UV island seams are (red highlighted lines). Otherwise it can happen that some vertecies that get merged to one vertex also get the same UV-mapping point even when the point should be there two times on the UV-Map on the seam of a UV-Island. If this happens you see spikes across the UV-Map connecting one side with the other or such.

    I know that Blender and also ZBrush have such options to weld 'identical' points (vertex). Vertex points can share the same location I think. But there is always an distance tolerance value as an option to merge / weld these vertices near by.

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    Blender... the other raw meat.  :-)  

    Thanks guys, this gives me a direction.

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    Once you got everything welded import it as an object back to DS. Then you can load in the original cloth (should share the same shape/location now) and use the Trasfer Utility to get everything from the 'original' autofited clothing item to the 'new-welded' clothing item. Careful requires knowledge of Trasfer Utility settings.wink

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    If you did weld you'd want auto-smooth & dForce draping insteal of morph fits I guess.

  • Sometimes changing the Smoothing Type from Match Base Shape to Generic will sometimes cause the problem to go away or be less noticeable.

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