New to Hexagon and unable to proceed

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Hello, everyone. I'm a would-be new user of DAZ3d's suite of tools.

I planned to start by using Hexagon, since it got me interested the most, but I am facing a somewhat steep learning curve right from the start.

More exactly, I can't seem to find any official documentation. Even in these forums the links seem to be broken.

The sticky "Hexagon Help Topics and Tutorial Links", posted on "24 May 2012 10:03 AM", seems to have broken links on the section that interests me the most, "Hexagon 2.5 Documentation Links", that is, the "Hexagon Software Tutorials" and "Hexagon Software Manual" links. If it wasn't a reasonably recent post, I would just assume it is just an outdated post. Since it doesn't seem to be the case, I'd like to ask

1- are there new live links to the documentation?
2- assuming there are, where I can reach them?


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    Hi Blaze, welcome to the DAZ Forums. I'm also looking for specific Hexagon tutorials listed in the DAZ Wiki, but the links to the screenshot images are no longer accessible and I can't really follow the tutorial I wanted to, so I know how you're feeling at the moment.

    That said, what I did when I first started playing in Hexagon is to check out the Hexagon tutorials at GeekAtPlay. The beginning tutorials can be found here -->

    Once you've gotten through those, try their other Hexagon tutorials here -->

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    HI All :)

    The complete Hexagon manual is included in with the program,..
    It's installed into to "Docs" folder, within the application folder.

    So. on PC, that's Program files (x86) / Daz3D/ Hexagon/ Docs.

    Unfortunately the video clips contained in the manual don't link correctly, I think this is due to the rebuild of the new Daz web Site.
    This is probably the reason that most of the tutorials are off-line.
    Hopefully that will be resolved soon.

    The Hexagon forum (under the "Software" section) is the best place to find Hexagon help.

    If you're completely new to Modelling in 3D, then I'd recommend looking at any tutorial which talks about "Box Modelling"
    irrespective of the software used,.
    The Techniques and principles involved in "Box Modelling" will translate to any 3D vertex modelling program.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Other information that can be helpful. We realize some of the video links are not working, but many are and will be quite helpful.

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    Thank you very much. This is is way better than what I thought I would find.

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