Carrara Challenge #38 - Cartoons and Other Guilty Pleasures - Final Days

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Announcing Carrara Challenge #38.  The main work-in-progress thread is here in the Carrara forum.


DAZ3D and Carrara Professional Artists sponsor a monthly art contest to:

  Build community spirit

  Share tips and tricks

  Highlight the creative potential of Carrara 8.5 software


Carrara is a full-featured 3D software suite.  It has robust tools for 3D modeling, particle effects, landscape design, hair creation, texturing, animation, high-quality rendering, and more.

But one of Carrara's most unique features, is that it easily accepts most Daz and Poser content!  So, not only can you create your own content, you can also load and pose content from the world's largest 3D library.


The current theme: Cartoon Homage (and other guilty pleasures)


guilt·y pleas·ure


Something, such as a movie, television program, or piece of music or art, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard.


Are comics and cartoons a guilty pleasure?  To me, it is apparent that most artists enjoy cartoons, but that "toons" are usually not held in the same regard as "real" art.  Instead, they are more frequently considered as a welcome reprieve from more serious work.

If that is true (and there is room for debate) then this Challenge is one big reprieve!

So, sit back and take your shoes off.  Forget that serious stuff. smiley Choose your cartoon pleasure and let your creativity be your guide.


Categories, rules and prizes are posted in the official Challenge thread in the Carrara forum.  Sample images from that thread will be posted here as they become available.

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    The renders are coming in fast and furious.  The following are a sampling.  I will not attempt to post everything.


    de3an posted this Carrara render before the Challenge, so it is not eligible.  But it is a great example of an original cartoon:



    Stezza just loooves to play up the competition between DS and Carrara. :)  He also modeled both the characters in Carrara, and made them available to everyone in the Challenge. yesyesyes



    Here is Diomede (with an old flashback from his school days?). :)



    From me, here are some cat folks at play.  All done in Carrara with no postwork.



    Bunyip02 deciding to Hulk-out a bit.


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    Toons and other NPR images continue to pile in.  Most of these can be clicked to see a larger image.


    Diomede has modeled these characters in Carrara to begin work on a classic Mad magazine "Spy vs Spy" cartoon:



    Bunyip02 uses the Toon 3 filter to good effect - Let's dance!



    Stezza, innovative as usual, in part with a metaball speech bubble, and no postwork:



    One from me, V4 with the Toon 3 and G'MIC filters, and no postwork:



    Here is a HeadWax creation.  He's having some fun with Toon 3:



    Bunyip02 offers some more Toon 3 goodness.  This time he is using Stezza's new cat model.  But wait, it somehow it looks familiar...



    This Christmas Toon 3 offering is from Diomede.  Better late than never!



    Mistara, with her very first Toon 3 render.  You go, Misty!



    Next is Varsel, showing how Toon 3 can make even a very large scene look impressive:

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    The renders keep coming in, and I keep posting. :)


    Here is Stezza with an homage to an Australian cartoonist named Gary Clark:



    Daz PA Vyusur decides to give the Toon 3 filter a spin:



    Stezza models another dog in Carrara, and throws it into a scene which I won't attempt to describe. :)



    Thinking ourside the toon box, MDO2010 gives us a Toon 3 scene made up of recent Daz freebies!



    Next is Diomede with his homage to a classic cartoon.  He modeled and rigged the characters in Carrara:



    Another one from me, as I wanted to see if Carrara and Toon3 would support the creation of a realistic-looking cartoon.  You be the judge.  No postwork or drawing.



    HeadWax dazzles again with his idea of a sketched-looking cartoon:



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    Two weeks left to enter!  Y'all are invited to join in, especially you Carrara first-timers.


    Stezza keeps cranking out the new models.  Here are the latest, with a wonderful watercolor effect:



    With postwork in Topaz Simplify, Bunyip02 offers us the fantasy "Giddy up."



    Vyusur with some ToonPro combined with YaToon goodness.  No postwork:



    The Alien Outback from Bunyip02.  Toon 3 + G'MIC + postwork.



    No Challenge is complete without a tank and some Nazis.  Chickenman uses Toon 3 to great effect:



    An update on Diomede's Spy vs Spy render, but that exactly is that dog doing?



    The original Girl 3 + Armourfish = a mermaid in peril.  Carrara Toon 3 filter and G'MIC with no postwork.

    Stezza's latest.jpg
    640 x 480 - 17K
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    OK, here we are headed into the final week.  And the renders keep magically appearing!


    This one is from Stezza, an homage to a familiar WW2 comic figure, called either Kilroy or Chad, depending on your cultural bias. :)



    Meanwhile, Head Wax slips in for a moment with a (groan) "dad joke."



    Diomede opens up a new category of possibilities - the shadow knows!  Plus, he uses his original characters.



    Here is an homage to a cartoon I found on the internet many years ago.  If you know who originally did it, please send me a PM.



    Not an official entry - just playing with Toon 3, and the G'MIC Watercolor filter in Carrara, no postwork.  Oh yeah, and Stezza's cat model. :)



    Stezza again, with a motivational render: Slow and steady wins the race.



    Stezza yet again.  Definitely not slow, but he seems to win lots of races!



    DesertDude has been busy modeling the head of a cat in Carrara, to prepare an homage to the famous B. Kliban cat cartoons of the 1970's:



    If Head Wax is doing a cartoon, you know to expect a very different - yet very creative - style from everyone else:



    Varsel provides us a striking and unusual image using the Toon 3 filter:  Toon 3 keeps surprising!


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    We are down to the last day or two for entries!  That went by fast. :)  Many thanks to all the talented artists who have contributed so far.  Here is the final group:


    Daz PA Tango Alpha combines his fabulous new product (End of the Tracks) with some Carrara toon whimsy:



    Next up is another Daz PA, Vyusur, with one of her characters in a thoughtful Toon 3 pose:



    I decided to give our resident surfer, Head Wax, some jazz using Stezza's wonderful cat model.  Includes Toon 3 and the G'MIC Watercolor filter:



    Vyusur comes right back by giving a unique Carrara retexturing to Stezza's famous dog:



    Stezza shows off his fabulous cast of toon characters, using the Toon 3 filter and G'MIC Illustration filter:



    My homage to Danny Shanahan of the New Yorker.  Not an official entry, but all done in Carrara:



    Bunyip02 shows us what can be done with Carrara, Toon 3, and the G'MIC Cartoon filter:



    No Challenge would be complete without a dragon!  Shlomi Laszlo gives us his Toon 3 version:



    Vyusur rounds out her three entries with this cartoon she recollected from years ago:



    Chickenman finalizes his German WWII render:



    More New Yorker homage fun from me:


    Thanks for viewing!  We will be voting starting on Tuesday Daz time.  Please come on over and give us your vote!




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