Riccardo Hair on Genesis 1

Wanted to try Riccardo Hair (for Genesis 3) in Carrara, but takes forever to load and freezes my system when trying to add it to a Genesis character, so I thought I'd try it in DAZ studio to see if this problem is specific to Carrara.  Haid loads much quicker in DAZ Studio (4.9).

Not quite the right size and position since designed for Genesis 3, and I'm tyring to figure out best options for working with it.

First off, can I manually scale the hair down inside of Studio or is it locked somehow?

When positioning, looks like I need to move the hip, and the Translation gizmo ends up being low down on the screen - can go to 2 views, but is there a way to simply reposition the gizmo to make manipulation easy within a single view?

And is there a plugin/product that will let Genesis 3 items fit the original Genesis (gen 1) figure?

Have hardly touched DAZ Studio in last couple of years so very rusty - thanks for any help.


  • srieschsriesch Posts: 3,942

      Instead of fitting the hair to a character, just load it not fit to anything, then you can manually move it around and rescale it (in the parameters tab there should be X, Y, and Z scale options, I think they're under General).

        When an object loads in with the universal manipulator way off center, to change the pivot point: Select the item that you need to move the pivot point on in the Scene pane, then select Tools > Joint Editor. In each of several viewports, locate (it might be out of view) and drag the center of the green XYZ-axis-marker-looking-thingy to where you want the item to pivot.

  • @sriesch - got it - thanks for detailed reply

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