HiRes decals on body parts. Is it possible?

Hi all!

I need to make something like macro zoom of hi-res tattoo on body part. I.e. default UV with default DAZ maps and applyed diffuse+NM maps on group of polys over. Increasing default maps up to 8K are not enough in my case. Moreover, there are ugly seam problems happens. Of course, I can detach part of body to the separated obj, make UV and paint it, but it'll be usefull just for single render. I need to keep ability to morph this body part as usual.

So, is it possible to draw decal over selected polys via shaders or separated UV for this body part or something?


  • A tattoo should work, but unless you are really close skin won't as the deval doesn't wrap around the body. If you have suitable tools making a pTex version might be an option, saves remapping.

  • Richard Haseltine, oh thanks for your quik reply. yes

    I've heard about pTex a little. Is Daz3d IRay support it? Am I correct that in case if I'll make morph/change pose - I'll need to repaint those parts with pTex?

  • I haven't tried pTex in Iray, I believe it is supported but do a simple test first (just a pattern or squiggle) to make sure. pTex would survive shape chnages (morphs and poses) as long as the underlying geometry was unchanged.

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    Purely a question, as I don't know the answer or how to to it, but would Diffuse Overlay work for this purpose? It's what Daz used for Owen's tattoos, and what they're using for all the main line makeups.

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  • I need your advise, please. I decide to make my own UV using default G3 UV, for example. I wanna keep 99% of original UV, and just a few polys of body parts will be detached for it's own hi-res texture. Am I correct if I'll make something like that:

    1. Export G3 with base resolution level to the .obj

    2. Import obj to 3ds, for example, or any UV-edit tool. In 3ds I'll unwrap UVW and got a 8 parts of UV templates in a row.

    3. Detach selected polys and move them somewhere to empty space for their own texture.

    I've stucked here:

    4. Export back to obj?

    5. Import obj as UV in DAZ?

    6. Create a new default template or just a surface?

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