Bridges and their compatibility

Good morning!

Ive been trying to located some information which seems not to be readily available but I feel should be.

My question was "Is the current version of Daz studio, and its Bridge to Adobe Photoshop, compatible with the current version of Photoshop CC"

Before anyone jumps on my back about this here is the issue. IF the current versions are known to be working fine and mine isnt, then I know it is my problem to solve, whereas if they do not currently work together, then I could waste hours trying to fix a problem which there is no fix for.

This really goes for all the bridges. I feel like there should be a pinned post which states the known status of the current versions so that nobody has to spend hours trawling through forum posts or waste hours trying to fix unsolvable problems.


Many thanks




  • I can't say about the Photoshop Bridge or the Hexagon one, but the current GoZ works with the current release of zBrush.
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