So why can't I install Hexagon on to my D drive with DIM?

I have the older version of Hexagon installed on my D drive. The path in the DIM settings for Hexagon is the location that I chose on my D drive. I saw that it put the Beta onto my C drive. I uninstalled that. I removed that entry from the settings in DIM. I figured it would install the new version where the old version was. But no, it recreated the path on the C drive and put it there. So I uninstalled it again. If Hexagon is suppose to be installed on the D drive in the settings for DIM, then why does it install it wherever it wants?

You can see the D drive location that I have specified and the C location that it created instead of the one I wanted used.

DIM settings.JPG
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    Well, I downloaded it manually and I installed it that way on I got it on the D drive. But how do you download the Hexagon content. The only way I've seen so far is through DIM.

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    You're trying to use the wrong tab. Software will install to the 32-bit or 64-bit directory you've defined with the 'installation' tab - and the defaults are C:\Program Files(x86) for 32-bit and C:\Program Files for 64 bit on a 64-bit system OR C:\Program Files for a 32-bit system (and you can't define a 64-bit path on a 32-bit system).

    DAZ software will always install to the DAZ 3d\<application> directory - so Hexagon will end up under <32-bit software path>\DAZ 3D\Hexagon2.

    DIM will create the entry in the 'application' tab for any software it installs.

    I use D:\bits-32 and D:\bits-64 as my two directories and hexagon is D:\bits-32\DAZ 3D\Hexagon2\Hexagon.exe,

    Note that the 32 and 64 bit directories must be different if you intend to install both 32 and 64 bit versions of DAZ software because the path beneath those directories will be the same for both versions.


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    Thanks. I wondered about that tab.

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