What features would you like to see appear in dazstudio 5?



  • Havos said:
    I don't see why the script could not still be run in the main thread, like they are now. I am not asking that the script is doing its operations alongside the rest of Studio, it would be dormant when not in use. It would just be nice to keep a script open, and then return to it when you want to use it to do its stuff. What is required, as Richard pointed out, is that the script would need to check what has happened to the scene since it was last run, which they do not need to do at present. Maybe the script needs something like a refresh button you can press on returning to it.

    The problem is not only that things might have changed since the last time the script ran, but also that they might be changing *while* the script is running. The fact that you can see Daz applying smoothing modifiers and whatnot in the background means that there are threads in Daz already. What you are suggesting isn't possible because there would be no way for a script to gain exclusive access to those data structures while it is running and potentially conflicting with the rest of Studio. Their solution, instead of exposing the complexity of the threading model, was to make everything modal.

    The fact that there are calls like




    but not anything like

    dzApp->lock(); ... dzApp->unLock();

    supports the idea. You don't need a lock if the dialog is modal, you just ned to make sure that everything has settled down before the script starts to modify things because they can't change asynchronously while the script is running.

    Believe me, I want this too, I just don't see how Daz could do it without exposing script writers to a LOT more of Daz's internal complexity while the point of a good API is that it doesn't do exactly that. It's probably a sound decision not to, on Daz's part.

  • p0rtp0rt Posts: 169
    JOdel said:
    p0rt said:

    UV map editor

    Uh, yeah. Or *some* way to rotate a UV from horizontal to vertical without having to stop and go into Photoshop. Maybe a way to do 90-degree rotations on texture tiles in the surfaces tab? Mainly useful when applying shaders, but probably not only then.

    While we're at it; how's about just enough modeling ability to be able to add an edge loop when in the geometry editor so you can hide and delete part of the original polygons. Admittedly, you can select an edge now, but you can't move it. being able to that would eliminate the need to split the poly's in most cases.

    it would be a useful thing and make Daz step up another level to where UV mapping is 80% of the definition of Pro
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