Enamore Mage and Magus Style - Excellent Outfit/Textures

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I have been a member here for years!!  I have spent thousands on Poser items and never used them....I might spend two weeks on one outfit.

When you purchase quality, you get quality!!

Enamore Mage
Artist:  Daz Originals Orion1167


Magus Style
Artist:  Nathy

This is an awesome outfit and textures.  I haven't done any post-work.  I wanted Poser users to see there are still wonderful outfits here.  

I was amazed at the flow of the outfit no matter what pose!  I didn't use any dials!!  The only thing I manual adjusted was her shoes on one of the poses because they are heels :)

The outfit is beautiful and the textures are outstanding.  I will be using this a lot!!




v4 betine Enamore Mage 4.png
750 x 725 - 181K
v4 betine Enamore Mage 1.png
750 x 725 - 150K
v4 betine Enamore Mage 2.png
750 x 725 - 169K
v4 betine Enamore Mage 3.png
750 x 725 - 118K
v4 betine Enamore Mage 4.png
750 x 725 - 324K
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