Getting extremely low download speeds

Hi. Is there something wrong with the servers/CDN? I'm getting really low download speeds and the DAZ site is the only one with this problem. It gets frustrating since I have to  keep watching the download progress since it'll eventually fail and I have to resume it.

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    I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary myself. I don't use DIM, however, and manually download my files. I did one earlier today, about 140 MB, and didn't seem to have difficulty. I can't say that I have ever had something from DAZ time out on me, though. Maybe that's a DIM thing? Perhaps the servers are just busy for some reason. The downloads do seem to be getting bigger and bigger all the time.

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    If you have one download fail than the chances are any attempt to redownload the same file will fail at around the same point, unless you completly clear your browser cach.  Browsers caches are notorious for retaining the failed and/or corrupted download in cache and thus causing duplicate downloads to fail.

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    I occasionally but rarely get a failed download in DIM but restarting/resuming using resumes where the download failed successfully. DAZ 3D downloads have always been slower than, eg, downloads of Unity 3D and that's true even on my 'slow' 400K download speed internet. 

    I make sure though I don't have any other downloads running or browse youtube and such sites when downloading from DIM/DAZ 3D.

  • You might try bypassing your router if you use one, and hook up direct to the Internet. I had a similar problem (DIM d/l speeds in the 50-150 kbps range), likewise affecting only DAZ downloads, and found out that my old router was the culprit. I still don't know why other sites were unaffected--or relatively unaffected--but swapping out the old router for a newer, faster one cured the problem. Typical DIM download speeds are now in the 2.5-5 mbps range.

    Both routers were hard-wired, btw, so it wasn't some wifi weirdness.

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    Is there a better way of testing your connection to the download server/host?

    ping [] Cloudfare? : 0% packet loss ; 26ms round trip time

    ping [] BlackMesh? : 100% packet loss

  • I'm not sure if pinging gives a valid result — remember that DAZ now puts all internet connections through the CloudFlare cloud server system, so the actual download path might not match the virtual path through CloudFlare. FWIW, my nearest server (mentioned in the occasional connection error message) is the London one.

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    The problem suddenly disappeared today and I can now download stuff at normal speeds again. 

  • wizwiz Posts: 809 (contegix) has been getting progressively slower for months. Right now, it's running about 130k bytes/sec.

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    And now DIM crashes on startup the first thing you download.

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    As a workaround, manual download and FDM get around BlackMesh slowness. Right now

    • DIM is downloading 2 files at the same time, 1 connection each, at an amazing 140k/sec.
    • FDM is downloading 15 files at the same time (no real limit), 12 connections each, 7.4M/sec.

    Yeah, that's about 50 times faster than DIM.

    I suppose DAZ could crank up both the simultaneous files and the connections per file. wink I've always wondered why DIM was set for 2 downloads max.

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  • That sounds like a routing issue affecting you, or even soem local issue affecting DIM (such as your security software). DIM is mostly managing it's usual 845KB/s - it was slower a few days back, when everyone was seeing that (due, we may guess, to the big sale).

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    Neither. Five ISPs at three locations, on four different machines, uniformly poor results.

    Like other people are reporting over in this thread, starting at the bottom of page 7:

    By pure coincidense, they're reporting upload speeds in the same range as I saw.

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    And "poof", a single channel is now up to 8 Mb/sec.

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    I avg between 6.5-8.5 Mb/s. If you try to download the day of or even the first few days of a big figure release then you will get very low speeds due to the amount of people trying to download at the same time.

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    You shouldn't be seeing any sort of slowdown due to DAZ events, because they're using a (supposedly) decent sized hosting company,, and DAZ is not that big.

    I was talking about the progressive degradation a lot of us have been seeing since around the first of the year, which seems to have miraculously healed itself last week.

  • I had similar issues for a while. It was slow either through DIM or if I did a manual download from the website. After two help tickets that both got escalated to the IT dept, it seems to be better for now. I'm hoping it stays that way. 

  • That sounds like a routing issue affecting you, or even soem local issue affecting DIM (such as your security software). DIM is mostly managing it's usual 845KB/s - it was slower a few days back, when everyone was seeing that (due, we may guess, to the big sale).

    It's been happening here for the past few weeks, and I've tried with multiple connections that are fast with other internet apps.

    The speed will go down to zero, then it fails and has to be restarted over and over with very little progress. The download will eventually complete, but only after more than a dozen passes.

    I'm suspecting it's a CDN issue since the DAZ site loads pretty fast.


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