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    Kyoto Kid said:
    ...thank you. From what I have seen, I'm excited. I know it will take time to really "get under the fingers" so to say (used to be a classical keyboardist of the musical variety), but I do have more time on my hands these days.

    I've only dinked with this toolbox a bit but I love it already! My least horrifying creation was a purple gummi Vicky.. took a while to render but I about laughed my tail off afterwards!

    Some learning curve required, though. That's all this weekend for me.

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    Full of fun,

    My first SSS ever, lol, just downloaded the tool box, click'n render!

    Comparison between Dimension Theory's and Smay's SSS shaders, both strictly out of the box.

    Victoria : Amber by Jgreenlees in "Enticing Ladies" --> [NO SSS: not yet ! ]

    Lights : DL-04 in Daz-Dimensions lights by DimensionTheory --> (1 UE +1 distant light)

    Cloth : Splash by Smay in Zombie for Genesis add-ons --> (enlarged 10 times)

    Base cylindre: Complex apple -strong- + green color from DT's tool box.

    Render time: 2mn. 30s. (intel Q6600 cores4 at 2.4Ghz.)

    OK that's a clumsy first try, but it shows the amazing ability we have now to produce convincing SSS effects right under the finger tip,

    Image removed for nudity. Please see this thread for info:

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    I'm glad people are enjoying these! Hopefully things aren't too confusing and these contribute to the SSS learning process. I use these often myself just to create quick foundations for editing, so I hope their usefulness carries over to more advanced renders for everyone as well. AoA did a good job of making the settings carry over from other surfaces intelligently, but of course there's limitations in the process and such a wide variety of starting points that it can't always work automatically. This was another reason for creating the toolbox, if people notice their shader lacking something or looking off in the render they have a suite of fixes to try.

    Slosh said:
    Having such a list would be helpful. Maybe it's something I can work on, with DT's permission???

    If you would like to do this you're more than welcome to! Most of them should be pretty self explanatory, at least I tried to make them that way lol. They all affect only the settings they relate to but some are a little specific, which I tried mentioning in the promos. I'd appreciate the help if you think others would benefit :)

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