Please bring back the support for WACOM Bamboo-tablets for Hexagon

Dear software-engineers at DAZ, 

thanks for the ongoing development of Hexagon. One of my favorites!

I however have one request please. 

Since Version 2.5 is out, the WACOM Bamboo CTH-460 (most recent driver all the time)

is no longer working. I doublechecked this on other machines (collegues) with the same configuration

and different WACOM-Tablets. As soon as I deinstall 2.5 and reinstall 2.2 everything is back to normal.

It is only true for the CTH-460 and only for version 2.5. 

Today I installed the new Beta, hopping this issue might have been adressed, but its still the same.

Yours sincerely and a strong supporter of DAZ3d and Hexagon & Carrara




  • SixDsSixDs Posts: 2,384

    I don't know whether you have already done this or not, but since the latest release is in Beta, you really should use the official bug reporting avenue to ensure that the DAZ folks working on the project are notified directly, rather than through the forums alone.

  • gitika1gitika1 Posts: 941

    I just today heard mention of using Wacom-Tablets in Daz3D and Hexagon.  What functionality are you (were you) able to use besides using the pen as the mouse?

  • Roman_K2Roman_K2 Posts: 1,098
    edited June 2018

    FWIW I am in favor of legacy Wacom support in general, but like with those doodly-pen things that let you "draw" a mesh in the air it escapes me how -- or even if -- this fits into the Hexagon work flow.

    Also I'd like to take a shot at the Bamboo driver that *I'm* using: I got it off their web page, supposed to be for Win7 and so on... ok, a couple of years passed and then I decided to try the driver on a new hard drive. This fairly recent (3 years) installation of Win7 has been getting pretty crotchety for unrelated issues but anyway... installing the Bamboo didn't help one bit. Like "iTunes" for Windows the Wacom stuff seems to bring a bunch of TSR "helper" files on board which remain there whether you need or want them -- or not. And the Wacom ones have crashed several times. Arrgh! Helloooo re-installation.

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  • gitika1gitika1 Posts: 941

    After reading through the forums for an extended time, I returned to Hexagon and my Wacom utility - and they recognize each other.  I was able to customize screen navigation with the side buttons while using the pen for face/edge/point work.

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