How to install Victoria 4 and Michael 4 in Poser 11?


I have read a lot of online instructions on how to download the DSON Importer for Poser and whenever I try to install it, I am told I need to set a correct path. Websites tell me to set "applications then smith micro then poser 11" as the path but I am not given those folder options as I am on a Mac and everything looks different. Has anyone done this on a Mac who can tell me how to first of all install DSON Importer then use it to transfer Victoria 4 and Michael 4 into Poser? I have no animation background so being thrown into these applications is very frustrating. Thank you for your help!


  • iDiruiDiru Posts: 616

    Well, I may be wrong because I haven't used Poser 11, but I believe that DSON Importer is used mainly for things pertaining to Genesis or newer Daz products. You should not need to use DSON Importer for V4/M4 at all

  • LeanaLeana Posts: 9,006

    V4 and M4 are indeed native poser figures, no need for DSON importer to use them in Poser.

  • As was stated, you don't need DSON for M4 and V4, but to get DIM to install the DSON support to Poser 11, you have to set the Poser path in DIM for whatever it's looking for (2014?). It's not looking for Poser Pro 2014 per se, it's just looking for Poser.exe. You can point it to anything, really, and it won't care as long as it's named Poser.exe.

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