TALK to the HAND

I have always had an phobia about making human hand in 3D! But I watched a tut on it and wa la! Did this in an hour!

While not a nekked hand this is to be a gloved hand for a pilot.

Quite Frankly it was easy in HEX

1000 x 561 - 205K
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    Where is the tut for the hand? I noticed it is all the left hands. Is there a way to make one of them a right hand?

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    LOL Well duplicate it! and flip it!

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    ACTUALLY it is soo simple and what a great looking hand. Even the nail! Plus once you make ONE finger you dup it and Bridge them to the hand!

    ALso keep in mind! Most people think the THUMB comes out of the side of the hand! Thats not correct. It comes out of the PALM area more!

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    also learn about finger lengths

    search Google with:

    finger length differences between men and women

    On average, men tend to have longer ring fingers and women longer index fingers.

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