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    DreamHost offers an unlimited amount of databases, but I have never seen anywhere on the site (and I just checked their Wiki) a specific size limitation for a database.

    That said, I think Taozen is correct about 50MB being a good size for a database. Just think of it as a a lot of text, and text doesn't take up all that much space. Again, as Taozen mentioned, you don't store images in the database itself, only references to where the images are located. DreamHost, and a lot of other web hosts, offer unlimited disk space, so even if your store grew in size and you had a lot of images stored on the server, they're not going to interfere with the size of the database you're using to run the store.

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    This is who we use for all our sites (5 of them) They are pretty reasonable and have unlimited. The only downfall is tec support can be a bit hit or miss

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