how to export base models into hexagon

hi i want to do a dress but cant fine how to export base model into hexagon ?  or what do i need to do to make the dress


  • The best bet is to export an OBJ file from DAZ Studio, load Genesis 8 Female (or whatever character you prefer - moving it or adding a character preset will/may change things), do not touch it, just go straight to File and choose Export OBJ.

    Note - if you have any scene bits (lights etc) delete them before exporting, I think your default camer will be okay.

    I've added a screen grab of the setting I use for this type of thing, this will make it so you have less materials to mess around with (try ticking everything and see what happens :) ).

    When you Import it into Hexagon, rename the object in the Scene tree, go to the Material tab, give it a colour (light grey is good). Then back to the Scene tree and click on the lock. Save the character as a HXN file and re-save the OBJ file.

    You may want to create a Hexagon Project folder and add a Pose folder in there, this modelling lark can get very addictive.

    Here's a great little tutorial by Jen Greenless which will come in handy -

    479 x 549 - 163K
  • thank you Wee Dangerous john. forgot to say it was for Dazstudio. does this matter with the youtube video. and with the attachment is too damll for me to read. can you make it bigger please.

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    I managed to get the original screengrab to be displayed rather than just the thumbnail - what a pain that is laugh If you click on the thumbnail above the original picture is displayed, you'll find the thumbnail option is the default one.

    Basically all you do is untick the "Write Groups" and "Write Surfaces" main buttons and change the Scale to 100% (there is an option in the drop down list for Hexagon as well).

    Let me know how you get on with the tutorial, there is a good one out there on how to make a Peter Pan Outfit (top, trousers and hat etc)

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  • thanks Wee Dangerous john




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    Has the export function been broken in the Beta.

    I used to import the base figure (V4-M4-Genesis) with a factor of 100 and then export out the clothing  with a factor of 0.01

    When importing into Studio for rigging, I imported it as Poser. Using the Beta, it comes in gigantis... as Hexagon, it's 1/3 the size..

    Using the old Hexagon, it works.

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    You import and export at the same 100% scale between Hexagon and Daz Studio.  no change in scaling factor. 

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