Hello everyone!

Hi everyone, my name is Abed and I am a new on the forum here. I would like to learn on how to create models that match the quality of those experts on DAZ out there. Is that possible? smiley



  • KitsumoKitsumo Posts: 539

    Welcome to the community! The best thing to do would be to pick the modeling software you want to use and look for tutorials on Youtube. It takes patience and practice, but it is definitely possible. Everybody has to start somewhere. Good luck!

  • SixDsSixDs Posts: 1,650

    Just in case there is any misunderstanding, Abed, DAZ Studio itself is not a modelling program and is not specifically designed for creating content. Rather, DAZ Studio is designed for using content. As Kitsumo has said, you will need to look into modelling programs (lots of different types available, both for purchase and free) if you want to create your own content. You might wish to look at Hexagon, available for free here at DAZ for starters. You can also look at creating unique human characters using the available morph packages for DAZ figures initially, too, as that can be done in DAZ Studio. Good luck!

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