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Scripts with icons to step through the scene's cameras, forwards or backwards.


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    Thanks for these, Richard. I've popped them on a toolbar. smiley

  • Thanks!!

  • Thanks .... very useful to have in Daz studio!!! ;) 

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    Would it be possible have a render performed through a specific camera no matter which viewport was selected?

  • nicstt said:

    Would it be possible have a render performed through a specific camera no matter which viewport was selected?

    I think only if you had a custom action to launch your render, which changed the current camera first (and of course you'd need to tell it whichc amera somehow - perhaps a node tag).

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    Yeah, in Daz Studio there seems to be no predefined Render Camera like in other 3D applications. From what I've read it all depends on the selected preview pane and the currently selected view. Would be cool to have a script that looks out for some definition on a Camera in the scene to set the desiered rendering perspective and then triggers the selected rendering engine. Maybe detect it by node label including "[Render]", so the user can easily define and switch the render camera by renaming. Such a script could become a replacement of the default Ctrl+R action. If no Render Camera is found fall back to default behaviour. If more than one [Render] Camera is found its user fail and the script picks up the first found. Just some of my scripting suggestions.

    Multible render cameras possibel just by renaming the camera nodes the scene hierarchy changes I think?

    By iterating over the scene nodes the first found in the alphabetic order would be picked, right?

    Camera [Render] 01 my first Render

    Camera [Render] 02 my second Render

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  • I thought we could assign tags to nodes, but apaprently not. We could, however, assign a  new property, such as a boolean "Render camera", via script and then use that to identify the camera(s) to use. Then you could use the methods in this scriptt o assign the camea to the view, and you just need to trigger a rnder (for which I think Rob has a sample script).

  • The tricky part would be to only allow one camera at a time to be switched On as Render Camera, while the others have to be set Off in the same moment. If the properties are hidden from user view and you only allow your script to change the Render Camera that could possibly work.

    In my Precise Eye - Point At Null-Target.. project I had linked the Node Visible Boolean Properties of different Props and Nulls in the scene to a new Boolean controler with ERC-Freeze to have new Visibility properties VCTRL_ERC_...

    However if its possible to trigger your script by switching On the Render Camera Boolean Property it could hunt down all other cameras in the scene with the same Boolean switch and turn them Off.

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