I made an object in Blender. How could I fix this strange shadow in DS?

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Using Blender, I made this glasses and exported to DAZStudio.
Then, it got the strange shadow in DS. (See the attached image with the red circles)
I tried OBJ, DAE, FBX format, but the result is just the same.
The polygon amount is about 2,000.
It's UV mapped with material settings.

How could I get rid of this shadow?
Is this a fixable problem? 
Did this happen because of the way I made the "faces" of the glasses in Blender?

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  • Check that you don't have any hidden polygons (for example, end-caps where two sections join) and that theer are no doubled-up edge loops. Also check to see if the model has exported with normals, those may be badly aligned. Essentially what is happening is a consequence of the way DS shades surfaces to smooth them out - something in the mesh is confusing the algorithm, causing aberrant shading (I think, you can check by selecting the glasses in the Surfaces pane and turning Smoothing off)

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    Thank you very much, Richard.
    I checked the data, but it doesn't seem there is doubles in the glasses.

    Then, I found out that another glasses I made looks just fine in DS (Attached file).
    I guess that some unusual problems happened in that data in Blender.

    Oh well, it would be better for me to make it from the scratch again.

    That thick framed glasses was my first prop I made for DS.
    Then, that strange shadow....!
    To be honest, I was quite worrying about DS might be something totally different from the other 3D applications and so difficult to use.


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    It looks like it's the normals. One thing, your shader on the glasses seems to be set to flat. It looks very angular. If you set it to smooth in Blender, you will probably see the normals shading similar to what you see in Studio.

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    To help detect problems like this before you export, consider learning how to activate "matcap" shading in Blender. When you're working on an object and matcap makes the outside, visible surfaces look strange, something is usually wrong, even though you may have difficulty finding out what's causing it.

    Be aware when you look into the inside of an object, so you're seeing faces on the other side from where the normals point, matcap shading will look weird--but you'll soon get used to it and be able to use that effect to assure yourself that the normals are pointing in the right direction.

    Also, there is a way to get Blender to draw little lines showing how the normals point, and to make those lines longer so you can actually see them. That's under the Display section of the panel you toggle by pressing N in the 3D view.

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    Thanks for the tips, Cris and Inkubo.
    I tried "Odd Shading" trick. Then that glasses looks fine.
    I'm going to try to rebuild it again using that technique.
    I haven't used Matcap before, but it looks very useful especially to check the faces.
    I'll try that, too!

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