Question with animate2 please help

Hello every one i am new here and pretty new to daz3d studio.Please i wanted to know if any one could help me with this question.So kindly my animate lite does not let me create subtrack and all anymore and i have noticed that the trial period is over due to some research i did in the forums.I kindly wanted to ask one thing if i purchase the animate2 serial.Does it stay with me forever as in will i be able to use the animate2 on every other new daz3d update that comes say daz4.11 or 4.15 and such without having to buy again for that update?


  • So far only one purchase of AniMate 2 has been needed. Whether that will be true with Daz Studio 5 if/when that is released I can't guess, nor can I guess if or when there will be an AniMate 3.

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    oh i see thanks so much,you have been really responive Richard i have been following most of your responses and answers for about 2 weeks now thanks a lot.Hey kindly i got another question,i was trying to purchase via my debit card, which is (visa) and i think when i registered for daz i was at my brothers place in symrna gerogia so when i loaded my debit card, it said something like the addresses dont match(more like mismatch in adress) and i tried and tried but it couldnt work.Can you please suggest other ways i dont have a paypal yet so i cant opt for that option please.

  • I think you would need to click Help at the top of this page, then Conect Us and open a ticket for Sales Support (you may well need to click the Log In link at the top of the page once you get to the ZenDesk page for the ticket, it doesn't seem to be reliably carrying over from the rest of the site on the first attempt).

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