Where is my Victoria 8?

I’m new to Daz, and I am using it to create poses for illustrations. I wanted characters that had full anatomy  and had clothing options. I figured the newest versions of Victoria and Michael (8) would work. I acquired Victoria 8 and installed her manually, but she doesn’t show up as a Person, character, etc.  I can see my Genesis 2,3 and 8 male and female people, but no Victoria. I assume there must be a specific location she needs to go, but I must have gotten it wrong. I’m on a Mac running the latest version of High Sierra. 

I've added a few other download (body builder for either genesis 2 or 3. Can’t remember right now) and it works. I assumed Victoria and Michael would show up with the other Genesis characters. 

Thank you! 


  • TomDowdTomDowd Posts: 98

    She should be in My Library/People/Genesis 8 Female. If she's not there do a search on My Library and see where the folders ended up. (Look and see if you have a Content folder at the same level as People. If you do, the People folder (and maybe others) are probably in there. Just move them to the same level as People and delete Content once it's emptied.)

  • Note that Victoria 8 Base does not include the anatomical elements (it just has textures for them). To get the anatomical elements you need the Pro Bundle.

  • I’ll check when I get home! She should show up as her own character and not just a setting that gets applied to the genesis 8 female, correct? 

  • SixDsSixDs Posts: 1,714

    "She should show up as her own character and not just a setting that gets applied to the genesis 8 female, correct?"

    Both, actually. Once placed correctly within your product library, Victoria 8 should appear automatically as a set of morph sliders under the Parameters tab whenever Genesis 8 Female is loaded. Moving the sliders (one for the head, one for the body, and one for both) will change G8F to the V8 shape. You will still need to apply the V8 textures manually if desired, however. That option is found under the Content Library tab as Tom Dowd indicated. There you can find her under My Library/People/Genesis 8 Female/Characters. Double-clicking on the V8 icon found there with G8F selected, will load the full V8 shape onto your figure and apply the base V8 materials as well. If you wish to change makeup, eye colour, etc., you will find these options under My Library/People/Genesis 8 Female/Materials/Victoria 8.

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