Is there and undo delete option?

I've been cleaning up my content library, deleting any freebies I didn't have a proper license for, and I made a mess. I was doing it by right clicking on a folder and selecting delete in Daz Studio. I accidentally clicked on the "props" folder in the poser content instead of a subdirectory. The files are gone - Is there a way to restore that content, or do I have to redownload all my poser props? Windows 7.


  • WandWWandW Posts: 1,990

    You could check the recycle bin, but they are likely gone.  I do my content management in WIndows Explorer, because by default deleted files go into the recycle bin unless you hold the shift key down...

  • taureortaureor Posts: 32

    They are not there. I thought the in-program option was more convenient, but seems like I was wrong :)

  • FishtalesFishtales Posts: 3,456

    If you haven't done anything else in Studio since or restarted it my first instinct is to try Ctrl Z first before panicking completely :)

  • taureortaureor Posts: 32

    That only affected the scene unfortunately

  • FishtalesFishtales Posts: 3,456
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    I wonder if you right click on your Library in Studio and used the Browse to folder location which will open up Explorer an undelete option would show up?

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  • taureortaureor Posts: 32

    Unfortunately not :) I'll go ahead and start the redownloads. Still, it's just poser content. If it was daz, I'd flip out on myself

  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 17,819

    create a new folder where it was

    rename it props

    rightclick properties

    previous versions

    you might get it back

    good luck

  • taureortaureor Posts: 32

    Thanks, unfortunately it doesn't work, I guess I'd need recovery to be set up :) No worries though, it's just a few hours of work to restore. Still, it would be handy if Daz Studio moved deleted stuff to the recycle bin instead of erasing it completely.

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