Make clothing using only DAZ studio

a quick tutorial video


we have dforce now

the geometry editing too 




  • I used to play around with this theory in Poser since it had physics and a mesh editing tool. Then I found Marvelous Designer and saw that it worked according to the same principle I was trying to implement in Poser.

  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 16,232

    yes at last we have all the fun the Poser users have enjoyed

    another video

  • Nice work on the pants. When I was trying to do it in Poser, I was using Planes and trying to come up with a way to stitch them together. Never thought about using cones and torii. Doh.

    A note about the pants though: select the area where a belt would go and give it a new surface, then set the Contraction-Expansion Ratio below 100% to make it cinch around the waist. That way you can run a sim on it for poses and animations without worrying about it falling down.

    Same with the cone dress around the waist, or under the bust for a babydoll style.

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    Oh my god that looks painful. I love it to death.

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