DIM Questions On Moving Downloaded Packages

Over the years, I have installed a lot of content and I have kept the packages in DIM. To free up disk space, I want to remove the the DIM packages I did not delete on installation. I am considering options and looking for information on how to move them without corrupting DIM (index) files.

I want to move the packages to an external disk, but I am not sure I need to.  If I delete the packages, can I download them again later if needed?  (i.e. new machine, disk failure, or other)

If I keep them, I need to put them on an external drive to reduce internal disk space consumed. If I simply move them over, I am not sure what this will do to DIM.  If I change the "Download To" path in DIM and then move them, will this work?

If the recommended path is "you don't need to keep them", then what is safe method to delete them after they have been installed without the "Delete Package on Installation" box checked? (Simply delete them?)

Lastly, If I remove them (safely) and then I uninstall a package from DAZ, will the item show up in my "Ready to Download" list again? IF not, do I have to manually downlaod the item to get it back?

I appreciate any advice.  I thought it was better to ask before I break DIM than having to ask how to fix it later.  :)


  • Yes, you can redownload as needed if you delete them - all you need to keep, for isntalled content, is the stuff in the Manifests folder.

    Yes, moving the downloads and changing the location in DIM will work - it's what I have done, though to a second internal drive. Do be carful, however, that the external drive keeps the same drive letter.

    You can select them in DIM and right-click to get a delete option, or you can delete from an OS file wirndow.

    Yes, if you have neither the zip nor the isntalled product it will appear in Ready to Download.

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    Richard, Thank you for the informative reply.  

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