Clothes show up without textures/are white

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I bought the Lothriel bundle for G3 and Skadi for V4
and I have tried dragging every single texture onto the clothes,
nothing works except for the Skadi helmet... so everything is still white.
Charm hair shows up as white as well, can't change the color.
Luckily the 3rd outfit I got works perfectly :)

I would really appreciate help :)

EDIT: Actually the 3rd one doesn't work perfectly, 
I am trying to change the color on everything but it doesn't work on every piece...
and also there are options to remove the belt and another for a lacing, but nothing happens... ugh :)!
but at least none of these show up as white.

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  • Try selecting the item you want to chnage, then double-clicking the preset. If it doesn't seem to chnage, try rendering - some items won't show correctly in the preview, though that is unlikely to be an issue with older content.

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