RawArt NOSFERATU - how to use BODY without HEAD?

FauvistFauvist Posts: 921

There doesn't seem to be separate body and head sliders for Nosferatu.  I want to use the body and textures, but not the head.  I want to use the head of another character.  How do I do that?  I tried saving the body as a SHAPE preset, but when I applied it to the the G3Male figure - the head showed up too.



  • FSMCDesignsFSMCDesigns Posts: 5,939

    Rawart has stated in many threads that in most cases he doesn't do the separate parts, only the full character he is creating. Apparently there is a tool in the new DS that can separate the head and body morph, but can't remember what it is called since I haven't used it.

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    This thread might help. Read to the end to get info on generations earlier than G8.

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