Iray transparency

This is making me mad, I'm not an expert at anything but I don't mind playing and that normally gets me through, but this one seems to have me licked.

it took me ages to make a png file with transparency and no hiden background layer & 8 Bit, but finally I mastered it see first pic below.

So imagine my disappointment when I rendered it with iray and the defuse colour (white in this case) still filled the transparent part behind (next Picture).

I've look through all advice forums and the best people seem to come up with is use Opacity, which obviously isn't what I need as that will just  make in this case the logo transparent.

I want to make multi-layered clothing in zbrush for example & have things like netting as a top layer, logo's below that and so on, so I really need to make this work.

Any Ideas?

done iray.jpg
3840 x 1080 - 1M


  • I had to remove your first image as we do not allow nudity on the forums.

    You are on the right track thinking about opacity - but you need a mask image to set white for the logo and black for the see-through areas. White areas will use the opacity value, black areas will be transparent (or dark grey nearly so).

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    When you say Nudity, do you just need the nipples taped over, as it is only the Gen 3 starter female? if so I'll do it again as I need people to see my problem so they can answer it... Hopefully

    I wasn't thinking that opacity was the right track, if I knew how to mask an image surely that would then mean I was resricted to what colours I can use in the image, the first picture showed that there is no background colour, just transparent, it's Daz3D or Iray that have added it, if I masked in black or white that would stop me from using these colours as they would become transparent or part if the colours were near the end of the spectrum. 

  • It was the shirt, away from the logo, that you wanted partially or whooly transparent? Then use an opacity map - that's a separate greyscale map that affects only the opacity, it has no effect on the base colour or other properties.

    If you still need to show both versions, make the torso of the figure a flat, non-flesh colour.

  • petegozpetegoz Posts: 2

    Dag nammit Richard you're a genius, it took me a while (it often does) but I got what you meant and it worked a treat, thanks for your patients

    I'm going to mention your name a few times tonight and tell people the story of the great Richard... I might make it a bit more exciting & add a shark & a bear.

    Very best regards


  • Heh, thank you - and how did you know about the shark?

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