Can the interface colour of Hexagon be changed?

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I found the preferences but it doesn't seem to have an option to change the interface colour. Is it possible? I really don't like the bluish grey colour and would prefer a neutral grey you see on other modelling software. But I can't find the option.

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    There isn't one. If you want a different colour UI you have to change the various images Hexagon assembles it from I'd reckon.

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    Thanks Ascania. That's a shame. Not sure I can get used to that colour lol.

  • Eva1, looks like a good "Feature Request" for the Tech Team.

    There are a few options in the Preferences tab, User Interface - Generic, then 3D Views Background Colour. Then there are more options in the 3D Display panel (I would list them but I have my UI etc the way I like it).

    Not sure if this is eactly what you want, but EZ did a gold scheme, years and years ago - Had a quick search and found a link -



    ez ui.jpg
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    Thanks John, yeah I was thinking about submitting the request. Thanks for the link also.

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