Help with porting facial data into Daz

Hello All,

   I was wondering if there are any MMD fans out there that could point me in the right direction. I have taken advantage of the information  available here in the forums and have had a lot of success getting MMD motion files coverted and ported into DS. I would however like to find more information or some tutorials on how to get to facial (lip sync) data from MMD into Daz. I know that the facial data can be taken from the PMX editor via FBX files to other programs such as Unity or Maya, but DS cannot inport the FBX created that way for some reason. There was an individual here that went by Butaixianran that provide all the techniques that I was able to use to get the motion working and he also said that he was able to get the facial data as well but never shared the technique for that. Not that I was able to find anyway. So I am hoping that either Butaixianran is still here and can still help or that somebody knows how to di this and can share the technique. With new addition of Sakura this would be so amazing in the Daz community.

BTW the technique I have been using involves 3DXchange, and using Iclone to do the final renders would be great but, I used Virtual World Dynamics on hair  and clothes and I don't know how to get the animations out of VWD into iclone. Before it is suggested soft cloth will not allow the effects I want that can be acheived in VWD. I know there are so many of you out there that have so much knowlege and skill please help if you can.

Thank you




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