A Couple of Question Regarding dforce

I haven't really used dforce yet, so it is possible I am asking about something that should be obvious or is covered elsewhere, but I think I will ask anyway.

1.)  I want to do an animation where a figure disappears from his clothing, and the empty clothing flutters to the floor (like Obiwan Kenobi in Star Wars).

How would I do that?

Can I just set a keyframe at the start and finish of a simulation, or is there more than that?


2.) Can I fix one edge of a cloth item to another object? I would like to make a flag hanging from a flagpole. Also banners hanging on walls.



  • SpottedKittySpottedKitty Posts: 6,091
    1.)  I want to do an animation where a figure disappears from his clothing, and the empty clothing flutters to the floor (like Obiwan Kenobi in Star Wars).

    The least complicated solution is probably to run two animations; one running up to the disappearance, with dForce handling the cloth movement, and one after the disappearance (flashy zappy SFX optional), with the cloth still in the same pose but switching the dForce modifiers from the figure to the floor. Not sure if it would be best to delete the figure or simply make it invisible. And I haven't got into dForce myself yet, so I'm not sure whether you'd need to convert the cloth to a plain .obj mesh to preserve the cloth pose from the first animation to the second.

    FWIW, this technique isn't new or unique to dForce, it's been used for years to animate a figure reaching out and picking up an object.

  • You can specify the Start and End frames at which the simulation will run. However, that governs the entire scene, so other dForced items in the scene will not Start until that one does.

    SpottedKitty: Depending on the clothing item, you can either run it with no issue or make custom material zones with the Geometry Editor and set the Dynamics Strength on each material. I haven't tried importing them as OBJs though. I'll give that a shot. I just finished a video on how to do a figure walding through water, so once that finishes uploading to YT I might have one on doing that as well.


  • Luckily, I am just making sprites for a game mod (a long running pet project of mine), so there is no trouble at all in regards to stopping the action. :-)

    I do have a couple of new questions though.


    The sprites I am making have multiple angles , depending on which angle the player sees the character from. To keep the lighting consitant in the game, I rotate the character (by parenting it to an invisible cube, then rotating the cube) while keeping the camera in the same place, rather than moving the camera when I do my renders for the sprites. If I do this after running a dforce simulation, will it foul up the simulation or is the state of the clothing fixed once the simulation has been run?

    I also noticed that there is a wind modifier object.  Will it make an object animate (i.e.like a flag fluttering in the breeze) or does it just sort of push the object back an keep it there?

  • The state is fixed one the simulation has completed, and you can skip to specific frames to either the ideal looping range or individual frame.

    I have not used the wind modifier with any success, but I haven't really tried.

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