lighting problem !

Hello i'm a beginner in Daz3D !

I have created a scene and i think i deleted the default lighting of Daz (you know when there is this little shadow on the ground that means there is a light on the right side of your character)

i deleted it and i've added my own light (a few spot lights) and when i render i don't know i don't like what i see it's too contrasty it's like there is no environment lighting at all and the only lights are those spots, i think it's what make this problem but i am not sure exactly myself what's wrong.

i would like to start everything from zero but i don't want to loose the pose of my character, the camera view (i have set a camera) and the objects i have put in the scene, is there a way to make everything back to 0 without loosing all of those stuffs ?

when i go to render setting and i choose "default" i doesn't come back as it was before i think, when i do a render i have a kind of blue light (possibly a sky light i don't know) i didn't have that at the beggining i think.

thank you for your help !



  • By default DS uses the Iray renderer engine and has the Ruins HDR map providing light - if you stick with Iray but in the Environment group in the Editor tab of Render Settings set the Environment mode to Scene Only you will lose the HDR - clicking Defaults should revert to Dome and Scene which will use both the map and the lights you added. There's also the camera headlamp - if you don't have any real lights (which you do) then by default that will shine from a position slightly offset from the camera, though it can be turned off entirely on a camera or in genral in the General group of Render Settings.

    As for resetting, either File>Save As>Scene Subset and select just the things you want to keep or select the lights and delete them (you can find a command for selecting all lights in the Scene pane option menu - the lined button in the top corner of the pane or right-click the tab).

  • Thank you very much for your reply !

    i have tried one thing, i have deleted all my spots lights and the character became totally black, then when i set the environment by defaut like you said it's reverting to dome and scene, so it should use the HDR map light but it's still completely black !

    is it possible that i've deleted the HDR map somehow ?

    Everytime that i set a new light it's  working and i can see again my character, but i'd like to be to the point it was at the beggining.

    i've tried to save File>Save As>Scene Subset and keep only the object and the character i need, then i loaded it, and it was still black...

    But when i open Daz with a blank scene and add a new character, it's working, the HDR map is back.

    i think i have a setting or something else that make my character black even in dome and scene.

    thank you again !! i am a bit confused DAZ is difficult at the begining ! xD

  • Ah finally i think i got it !

    when i have deleted all my lights, from perspective view i could see the basic lighting of DAZ, but from the camera view, my character was still totally black, and it's because the headlamp was not activated ! i turned it on and my character is showing up ! :D

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