Combine materials in char

When i export a daz model it has lot of materials. Is ther anyway to just have 1 material when exported


  • Surfaces, like the diffrent skin areas on a human? Not simply in the export process as the maps overlap - you could use a modeller to rearrange the maps so that they each occupied a separate area of the UV square, then in an image editor composite all the maps in the same way so that you could then collapse the surfaces into one. Or do you mean the map types - diffuse, specular, normal, etc?

  • There are seperate materialsfor head,torso and legs. Is there anyway i can combine this to only1 material

  • You're confusing materials with texture maps.

    And it's as Richard said: you'd have to redo them in a modeller. The texture map data i.e. the fact that it is going to look for different maps is encoded into the mesh.

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