Transferring Files to a Server

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Hi All!

I've got too much content and am having to transfer my files to my server. I pulled the files from the "My DAZ 3D Library" and placed them on the server. I directed the "Content Files Install To" on my DIM to said folder on the server. I also adjusted the line item in my Content Directory Manager to the appropriate folder. 

When I try to download and install new content from my DIM, I get this message "The path specified in the "show details" area, on the "ready to install" page, is not currently available." It then asks me to make sure I am connected to the drive and that my computer recognizes the drive. I am connected to my server, that's easy to know. I feel like I'm missing something here. My server isn't a "drive" it has no label like C, D, E, etc. Is that the issue? Or is it something else? 

Any help would be most appreciated.



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  • How is the drive identified? If that changes DS and DIM will not find it.

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    You probably need to map the server location as a network drive in order for DAZ Studio and DIM to recognize it consistantly. 

  • Are you on Windows or Mac?

    How are you transferring the files to the server?

    What is the server - something like a NAS?

    If windows then you need to map a drive from the NAS to your box - a modern NAS will have the required servers running to do this.

    If Mac - then I am not familiar with this, but as a Mac is based on Unix then I would expect NFS to work for you.


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