mats won't apply to hair and plugins

I have my figure all set up, I apply hair. But none of the 'material mats' will apply to the hair. I select the hair and click the material again, but no change. The same happens with clothing. The colors do not change. What am I doing wrong?


  • srieschsriesch Posts: 3,891

    Are they shader-based products?  The preview might not show them, you might need to render to see the result.

    Did you do a spot render in the viewport, and your viewport isn't being updated as you change things because it is still showing the render, not your workspace?

    Possibly you are selecting materials that don't belong to that product, but since you have the problem with both the hair and the clothing that seems unlikely.

    Can you give an example product (the base product and the material you are applying)?

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