British Army Nurse Bundle WWI and WWII

Hi folks, as always I know you are buys and hope you will bear your indulgence to the above hubble suggestions.  As before I do know you folks MUST literally get THOUSANDS of product suggestion, ALL of which can not be address, and also you have to base it on the amount of time to design, and wether the damned idea will even sell RIGHT. So I do understand.  I said a bundle because this way you get both eras, What I would suggest is actual nursing uniforms used in the field and in wards in a Commonwealth General Hospital, a Dress uniform for Pinup or dramatic lighting art, and uniforms they would where following troops around, include the shell dressing bag, helmet, webbing, and poses for dressing wounded or loading them onto a Katie (Heavy British Ambulance). As always thanks for listening even if you can't tactle this one. Cheers and HNY

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