Help With Error Message

I just noticed my product disappear, and don't recall doing anything that might have caused it.

Then I recieved a message instructing me to look at my log.

Here is a copy of the log.   What am I supposed to do? 

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  • The relevant portions of the log would be earlier - that's while DS iss till loading, before it loads content. It may indicate a corrupt file in the database, it may also indicate something (such as security software) interfering with the communication between DS and PostgreSQL.

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    It will take 155 screenshots to reproduce the entire log.  Should I simply post those with warnings and other possible problems?

    ( I have been adding content by using 'edit>preferences>content')

    I've also noticed that some of my content is no longer loading properly- even saved files, which start searching for- articles of clothing, for example- that previously loaded up fine.)


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  • You could just attach it as a text file, which will be easier to read.

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    Hopefully, this will work.

    I attached the log as a text file.

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  • OK, now what product disappears, and what is the message you are getting  -and when?

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    I saved the log as a text file, but how do I attach it to the comment page?

    (Will 'attach file work?)

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    A LOT of files are not appearing!

    Even saved figures and  scenes are having to reinstall product before opening- and some still ffail to load...all the clothing, for example.

    I had something like this happen once, and I finally resolved it by going into Edit>Preferences>Content>Content Manager.

    But I cannot remember what I did.

    And that happened, after I removed a...sub-directory?- From Daz Studio Formats, in my Content Library.  But this time, I didn't remove anything.  It just happened, after...I was adding OBJ files that contained props, sets, vehicles, ect.   But it didn't happen right away, only after I was working for awhile.  And I don't remember it happening suddenly, after a mouse/keyboard action, like the last time.  I noticed it as I continued working.

    I attached some examples of the missing product.  Some products are still there, most are either half gone or gone altogether.   

    (I also noticed that certain accessories that are still available- that loaded-merged fine before, are now appearing distorted.  A pair of boots appeared as greyed-out boxes.) 


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    Looking at your attached images it looks like you have deleted the Poser directory. Some DAZ objects need that directory to work.

  • There are a lot of warnings about nested content diectories,

    2018-01-01 18:59:11.888 Creating Content Manager...
    2018-01-01 18:59:11.903 WARNING: general\dzcontentmgr.cpp(1820): Nested directory encountered while adding a Poser folder: C:/Users/Public/Documents/My DAZ 3D Library/JumboJet Two : C:/Users/Public/Documents/My DAZ 3D Library/JumboJet

    which make it look as if you haver unpacked the content manually with an extra folder from the zip or created by the archive tool. The Runtimes should all be merged together in C:/Users/Public/Documents/My DAZ 3D Library/

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    Oh?  Would that effect the rest of my product from showing up?

    Although I did extract the content to the location (and path) you noted, I do recal having to manually open one or two items that would not run, after being placed in either Poser Formats or Daz Studio Formats, in my Content Library.   

    (By 'merge', you meaned 'placed'?) fix this, I may have to make sure that all the Runtime files of the recently added content, are merged in My Daz 3d Library?

    (I believe I accidently changed the name of My Daz 3D Library, the other day.  I changed it back, but I don't know if I got the spelling right- My Daz 3D Libary, MyDaz3d Library- that sort of thing.)

    When you say 'merged'...That folder (My Daz 3D Library) contains a lot of product, each product in its own folder.  I take it that I still place the Runtime folders in seperate Sub-Folders, like the other products?   (That may take some time, and I'm assumiong that I will have to locacte and possibly remove items from the Poser/Daz Format sections.

    Will things automatically start running correctly, once I clean up the mess?       

  • No, you want one Runtime folder, one Data folder, one People folder, etc. in the my Daz 3D Library folder, not in a subfolder for the product and not in a subfolder called Content.

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    I wish to thank you for your time in helping me while I try to resolve my issue.  Day one of 2018 started with a DAZ melt-down, that...I may have created.  (On top of that, Today- after a purchase- install manager refused to open, is ignoring my password, and wants me to verify my account.)

    So...I'm wondering if I should send you a screen shot of my folder.  Actually, there are two folders (You will notice that, in the screenshot), and I One them contains the files I extract- there are many more folders, I have a lot of content. I was wondering if I am using the wrong folder. Notice: One folder is: My3D library.   The other is: My DAZ 3d Library.

    I have been placing things in the first folder (My 3D library).

    Do I need to change that?  Place everything into My DAZ 3d Library, instead?     

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  • The log-in issue was affecting everyone and should be fixed now.

    As for the folders, the My 3D Library folder has lotsof product-name folders, those should have their contents dragged into the My Daz 3D Library. There are also a few legitimate content folders in there (AniBlocks, Animals, Animations, Architecture, Camera presets, data, , probably a Runtime, and others) which would go across as they are (look inside the folder - if it has Runtime and/or data then its contents go across, if not it can go across itself).

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    Oh, so...before I begin...After dragging the contents to the MY DAZ 3D folder, should I just...fill up the (MY DAZ 3D) folder?  

    Or drag the files into a folder within MY DAZ 3D?  (after creating a new folder within MY DAZ 3D, for example.)

    Also...should I copy the folders and drag them over, or actually move them out of the folder they are already in?  (I'm guessing, I move them, and empty the other folder, but I'm not sure.)

     One more thing: What will happen to the products I have set up in my Poser Formats and Daz Studio Formats area, in my Content Library?  Will they still work, or will I need to extract them again?


  • Just into the My Daz 3D Library folder, the Data and Runtiem folders should not be in sub-folders in the content directory. The Poser Formats folder should show only the correctly installed content, the Daz Studio Formats will show the content in the subfolders (and also the Data and Runtime folders, seeing those is a strong clue that things have gone in the wrong place) but they won't load.

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    Oh!   So...I've been extracting downloaded items (sets and props that I need to go along with my Daz product) into the 'My 3d Library' folder (next to the 'My Daz 3d Library' folder), and then navigating to Edit>Preferences>Content to set up the extracted OBJ/Poser (and some 'obtained outside Daz formats') formats by adding them through the Content Directory Manager (either to Poser Formats or Daz Formats), and then checking to see if they run. (sometimes they don't and I add I try the other format, which is the reason I have 2 of some items0 one each in both poser and Daz Formats. 

    But...all those product sub-folders should not be in the directory, then?

    After placing them properly in 'My Daz 3d library', they should appear in one directory?- My Library (or Daz connect)?  Or Daz Studio Formats? 

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  • Yes. What you have been doing will work, but it's very inefficient (when you load a file DS will check each content directory for textures, morphs, and geometries until it finds the right one so a large number of directories can slow things badly) and can easily lead to problems.

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