Understanding the Geometry Editor

Just started fiddling with the Geometry Editor a bit.  Two questions:

1) If I place an object into a scene, and then work on that object with the geometry editor within the scene, I'm editing a local instance of that object, right?  As opposed to changing the original object that was installed by DIM or whatever?

2) If I have two instances of an object in a scene, and I make changes using the Geometry Editor to one of them, it appears to affect both instances.  Is there a way to restrict the changes to just one of the instances?


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    2): instances are supposed to be identical copies, so you would want to use a copy instead of an instance if you wanted them to be different. 

    However, related to this, note that you will see a similar problem with copies, so there is one more step.  After you have made changes to one item in the scene (which then affects the non-instance copies as well) such as creating and hiding a new surface, exit DAZ Studio and restart so the incorrectly modified surfaces on the copies reappear (they will be missing materials) then reapply the original materials to the other objects that shouldn't have been affected.

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    Just for the record, I may have been using the term "instance" incorrectly.  "Copies" would probably have been a better term, since I created the second one using "Edit / Duplicate".

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