Missing Haley files (other problem resolved)

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I load the Haley character and threse files are missing

data/daz 3d/genesis 3/female/morphs/daz 3d/body/pbmnecksize.dsf

data/daz 3d/genesis 3/female/morphs/daz 3d/body/sclnecklength.dsf



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  • glaseyeglaseye Posts: 990

    AFAIK, those morphs are part of the G3F Body morphs pack; do you have that installed?

  • No i don't think so. I just need to get that and when i load her next time it'll work fine?

  • glaseyeglaseye Posts: 990

    It should, though the store page also mentions you need the head morphs pack (so both head and body morphs pack need to be installed.... It does work for me....)

  • OK i'll get those, thanks

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