Odd error message

dragotxdragotx Posts: 840

All of a sudden I've started getting a missing file error message:  data/daz 3d/genesis 3/female/genesis8female.dsf any time I load a g8 character.  I have no idea why something is apparently looking in the g3 folder for it.  Can I just copy that file over into the location it's looking for it, or will that cause other issues down the line?  Or is this a sign of a much bigger problem that's going to bite me in the tookus soon?


  • vwranglervwrangler Posts: 3,142

    Have you downloaded one of the hindudreams characters from Renderosity free stuff or ShareCG? I've discovered that their character Anaya for G3 and G8 produces that error. It looks like they've got a path error somewhere in the character. Because Genesis 3/8 load every morph available for the character when it's loaded into scene, even when they're not active, that error gets produced.

    I had to uninstall Anaya to get rid of the error.

    The file actually does exist -- I've no idea why, and I suspect it's a packing error, since Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 don't refer to each other that way. But they've coded an error into the path (and a slightly recursive path on top of that), so whichever part of their character is looking for that file can't find it. Moving the file probably wouldn't fix the issue,m since there's an actual error; you'd need to build an entirely new path, and THAT might cause issues.

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