Unable to see the bottom-most dials as they're hidden and I don't know how to fix it.

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I've scrolled down as far as I can go, and have lost the ability to see the last few dials. I've tried resizing the program windows and the tabs, and I've tried to remove the bottom-most tabs which were Animate Lite and the Lessons Tab... Here's a screenshot: It's nose morphs: It shows the issue the best as you can see a complete slider bar.  The slider is at the bottom of the list, but as you can see, it's cut off and I am not sure how to fix it. First image is of the lessons tab in the way, or so it seems. The next is no tabs but the Taskbar for Win 7 (btw), and the last is me hiding the Taskbar for Windows and capturing the very bottom and corner of my screen. Click on them for full image :-/ the thumbnails cut stuff off too.

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    Not sure what's happening, but can you move the tab to a different part of the screen (right side to left side for example) to force it to redraw it to fit in the new position?   (then try moving it back after that?)

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    Huh, just by moving a single tab, that seems to have fixed it... Thanks!

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    Don't worry, you are not alone, I've got that same issue.  (I'm on Windows 10, so it's not a Win7 bug)
    Same here messing with the tab sizes makes the issue go away (and come back depending on the size and shape of the tab)

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