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So I had a very old bit of content, some flowers and grass (Lisa's ??) that I brought into D|S, and then exported via FBX and imported into Blender. I was going to do OBJ, but apparently it doesn't send materials out. But FBX seems to work fine. Not sure why...

Anyway, I brought a lilly flower and some grass objects into Blender, and it automatically set up a set of material nodes. And honestly I couldn't figure out exactly what it was doing, although the textures did show up okay. But clearly it wasn't optimal. 

So I went about re-doing the textures to apply to the Principled Shader, which is far simpler than the node tree that was built from the FBX, and produced the render of the stock object below (after duplicating the grass using the hair/particle system). I've also included some snapshots of the node tree automatically generated from the FBX, and my re-work with the Principled. Big difference.

I would really like to have an automated means to do this conversion, but I really don't want to go thru and figure how to convert the FBX materials to Principled. 

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this, or maybe if something has already been done? The reason I ask here is maybe there's something that can be done in D|S with its nodes on export that would make it much easier.  

960 x 540 - 3M
1287 x 755 - 204K
Lilly Blender.PNG
1454 x 821 - 203K


  • wolf359wolf359 Posts: 2,026

    IIRC the creator of the teleblender plugin stated his intention
    to add principled shader support check his long running thread here.
    or his site perhaps

  • ebergerlyebergerly Posts: 2,412

    Yeah, a while back I mentioned it in the thread here, and I think he responded he was thinking about it, but I'm sure he has other things on his list to do. And I tend to assume that might take quite a while, so I was hoping for something in the near term. 

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