Using D-force to make morphs

Hey all. I was wondering if, once i have run a simulation on a mesh, such as an item of clothing, if i can save the new geometry as a morph?

Main reason i ask is that when putting G3 clothes onto G8 autofit tends to bunch up around the boobs, so I run a d-force simulation to unbunch it which works mostly fine, so rather than having to simulate all the time, it would be handy to save it as a morph so that i have a better starting point.


  • Give it a shot and good luck. I just spent an hour setting up a simple (lol) curtain tie-back using dForce and Daz primitives, only to have it revert when I loaded it into the scene I need it for (which was another 2 hours setting up the dForce curtains and getting an expanding cylicnder to part them in the first place.

    I ended up exporting the tie-back as FBX, since both OBJ and DAE did not "freeze" the final shapes. Only thing, my measurements were off and the tie-back was about 6" too short, and the rings were too big, and the part of the curtains where the tie-back would contact was folded outwards too far. So meh.


  • ThundornThundorn Posts: 21

    Essentially what I was after thanks Cridgit. 

    It could be simplified by removing the animation steps and just running the simulation as basically all i want is for the fabric to fall out from under the boobs but i will try the full thing too.

  • JamesJABJamesJAB Posts: 1,299

    The advantage of doing it as an animation, is that you can choose which frame looks best and export that one as your morph. (Just remember to zero out the pose and every morph except for the dForce simulation before exporting your .obj file.)

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