Show in Smart Content When Nothing Selected

I put in a great deal of effort getting everything to work the way I want it in Smart Content. One thing I can't figure out is how to configure an item to show in Smart Content when nothing is selected in the Scene. I found "Any Object" which helps but I have things like Scripts that I want to always show even when nothing is selected at all.

Any idea how to do that?


  • Do you have a Scripts category in Smart Content? If so, they should be there, as long as the script product was set up to do so.

    Then again, the thing about Smart Content is that it is supposed to show only those items relevant to the selected scene item, but then it should show everything if the scene is empty or nothing is selected, because you have to start somewhere.

  • That is sort of my question. For these scripts, I had to create a Product for them so that I could set them up for Smart Content. I just don't know how to configure the Product so that they do not require any Object to be selected in the scene. I know how to configure the Product in general for things like setting clothing Compatibality to a specific Figure, but I can't see a Compatiability like "All" or "Always" or "None Selected".

  • Hmm, you're right, options disappear when you have Filter by Context selected. I can't find an INI or other such file that governs what is shown when in the main Actors, Wardrobe, & Props list.

  • Thanks for looking into this DrNewcenstein!

    I like the concept of Smart Content but it is a heck of a lot of work if you use a lot of 3rd party stuff like from Renderosity. I've probably spent 50 hours doing the configuration of Smart Content since I started with Daz back in November. I ended up creating my own

    Catagory branches for the different phases of my workflow (Figures, Scene Design, Animation). I like the way it ends up working but it is very tedious.

    If anyone has an answer to my original question I would certainly appreciate it.

  • poorman_65poorman_65 Posts: 114

    Does anyone know how to make this work or do I need to open a Ticket with DAZ?

  • As far as I know, you can't.

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