Bored this weekend? Like the sound of your own voice?

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I'm just experimenting with making a short video/motion comic clip using DS renders, and it would be fun if I could have two voice samples to improve it. Two lines would be spoken by an elderly fantasy grandfather-type man and the other is just an extended yell of a demon woman getting knocked out by my fantasy heroine. :) If you can record audio clips and would like to give it a try, send me a PM here or mail me at [email protected]. There's no pay since it's just for fun (and I'm not 100% certain it will all work out), but you'll certainly get credit and I'll feature your gallery, store, or whatever you'd like on my deviantArt page.



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    i put a few royalty free voice bytes in the rendo freestuff. no screams per se, but maybe some reverb or echo on an "ooo" or "aah" :idea:

    it's under username mistylaraprincess

    .wav files:

    cat girl luv (sung)
    happy birthday mr president
    happy birthday
    he's dead jim
    he's dead
    hull integrity has been compromised
    mm oo (breathy)
    oo (breathy)
    ooo (breathy)
    security system activated please stand back
    self destruct initiated
    she's dead
    sorry file not found
    thank you for your submission
    the page you have requested does not exist
    we are all going to die
    you have received mail master
    you have received mail mistress
    you now have 3 minutes to reach minimum safe distance
    you'll not find a more wretched den of villainy
    you're a bad boy (sexeh)

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    I'll check them out, thanks for the link. :)

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