Exporting Daz Hair Items to Poser

Has Daz fundamentally changed how hair items are constructed and/or handled?  I'm a Poser 11 Pro user, and I was able to get Olive Hair into Poser via the same process that Willdial figured out for Genesis 3/8 base figures (i.e. convert to TriAx weight mapping, save as DUF, and then create companion files), but pretty much any other hair items have presented some problems or other in Poser.   Ravyn Bob appears with a distorted mesh, a couple don't appear at all when I try to load them, and mostly the ones that were first Auto-Fitted from a previous figure and then exported appear with many polygons inexplicably missing towards the bottom and/or back.  The only workaround I've managed to devise is to export an OBJ from DS separately, load the DSON-generated CR2, resave it as a normal Poser CR2, load the OBJ, and transfer the rigging from the resaved CR2.  That works better than anything else so far, but the result still doesn't conform to poses as smoothly as the original in DS.

Am I missing something, or is this a genuine incompatibility that will require another level of tinkering to circumvent (if it can be circumvented at all)?  Thanks in advance for any advice!


  • Poser is fussier about grouping than DS - it may be that these items are not grouped ina  Poser-friendly manner.

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    I can across a post on the SmithMicro forums that I found very helpful. You can get the figures into Poser using a very easy method. It was posted by ibr_remote/infinity10.

    Here is the link to the post:



    This method was a great find IMO. Now I dont have to worry about if things are Poser compatible or not..Hair is easily imported too.

    Good Luck!



  • Thanks!  How do you get the hair to conform properly?  The hair seems to load a few inches lower in the scene than it is in DS, given how it intersects with my character's head.

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    Have the hair fitted to your figure in DS..Be sure to have it selected along with your figure when you choose items you wish to export as a FBX. Then the hair should be as it was fitted to your figure in DS when you import that FBX file into Poser.

    Hope this helps!


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