Genesis 3 specific shader on Genesis 8

Hi all! There's a skin shader I really like for Genesis 3, but I'd like to use it on Genesis 8, yet there is no update product for Genesis 8 and the Genesis 3 version has this "check" built in that requires a Genesis 3 figure to be selected in the scene, otherwise it won't apply to the figure... I know there are Genesis 3 UV's available for Genesis 8, so I would reckon, if I could somehow get around that "Genesis 3 check" and have a Genesis 3 UV applied to my Genesis 8 figure, the shader would still have to apply just fine. So... Is there a way to open up that Genesis 3 Shader (perhaps in another program than Daz Studio) and remove the check for a selected Genesis 3 figure? If not, is there a way of manually recreating it? I noticed this shader has a lot of elements in it that the built in Iray shaders of Daz Studio have not... So what program would be used to build shaders that have more "chanels" than the built in ones?

Obviously I would try this on a seperate copy of this shader product in case this sort of tampering breaks it... :)

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    a link will help and maybe try copy paste on surfaces with uber applied to the G8F

  • Apply to Genesis 3 Female, File>Save As>Materials Preset,apply that to Genesis 8 Female. It may, however, be using something like a Geometry Shell (if it's a Hiearchical Materials preset now) in which case you'd need to select and save a Materials preset for the Genesis 3 Female Shell, then use the Create menu to apply a shell to Genesis 8 Female and apply the saved preset.

  • Thanks for the replies! I will try both approaches as soon as I get back to my Daz PC!!!

  • Hi! I got a chance to test it. Saving the shader as a material preset and then applying it to G8 works!!! Thanks a thousand!!!

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