Cannot find DAZ 4.10 beta (solved)

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I'm on a Mac, still using with no intention of upgrading at this moment. Purchased the IBL master by Parris and then noticed it requires 4.10, so I purchased the DAZ beta version. It shows in my product library but refuses to show in DIM. I have checked the public build in download filters, I have checked the display hidden. I have typed in "DAZ Studio * Public Build" in the search bar, I have scrolled through everything starting with D or DAZ. It's just not thereangry. Any advice? What have I missed? Thanks in advance!

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  • Go to your Product Library on your Account page.

  • Go to your Product Library on your Account page.

    Thank s but I mentioned it shows up there. If I click the down load link DIM starts but it's nowhere to be found inside DIM.

  • Yeah, I missed that part. Sorry.

    What about the regular non-Beta version?

  • In the product updates there is Default Resources for DAZ 4.9+. In Products there is PostgreSQL CMS From Valentina CMS Conversion Public Build +Beta+, and Public Beta Content 1 DS which is 1KB.

  • Thanks for your help but I solved it. I had software unchecked in download filters.

  • Sweet.

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